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Stonebeard The Avalanche

Pirates of the air, the seas, and the void make for popular stories. The most popular of which is the story of Stonebeard the Avalanche. He is commonly referenced in plays, stories, poems and opera. Currently an acting troupe is doing a tour among the great cities of Bellflower, with specific emphasis on the dashing, handsome and witty rouge that is Stonebeard.   Most of the time a large or stone wrought airship is found wrecked it is common for speculation to be that is is Stonebeard's ship, even if eventually proven otherwise.


While Stonebeard was just his name at the start of his career, he earned it in a chance encounter with the Medusa. His beard was partially petrified, as was one of his fingers. Typically adorned in silk pirate garb, this Dwarf was fond of the scimitar and glaive.   The tales on his flying stone keep and aggressive use of siege weapons give him the name of Avalanche. Typically depicted as a huge flying fortress with dozens of siege weapons, his ship, the Heart of Quartz, is an impressive sight. Some believe his ship may have been The Roaming Chateau.   Most stories report his exploits among the Marsh Empires of the East and the island nation states of the Yuan-ti. His fighting against the serpent clan of the Emerald scale is particularly well loved.

Historical Basis

Stonebeard was an actual pirate. More specifically a privateer from before the Minam Empire. Born Shoon Ken, he trained and left his family for an life in privateering. According to dwarvish historical records he was betrothed and skipped out before marriage. His airship was not as large or as heavily armored as the stories portray, and he only ever is documented to have used siege weapons once.
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