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The Roaming Chateau

The Roaming Chateau is a sky ship, or perhaps it is better termed as a moving estate. It was unusual at the time of creation for using a spell helm instead of a mystic engine and was not affected by the great failing of mystic engines. It was originally build as an unusually large version of Dwarven flying freighters.   In the last hundred years it has belonged to eccentric wizards, military forces and even pirates for a short time. Currently owned by Gimblefoot, a gnomish outcast wizard of Tillman, operates it as a trading vessel / mobile resort. He has likely retained ownership for the last decade because of his agreeing to ferry operatives of the Order of Bamboo and they have moved a Towers of Wind to the buildings on top.   At normal cruising speed, The Roaming Chateau, can cover about 72 miles in a day. A singular salvaged magical winch is used to raise and lower platforms of cargo and travelers.


A Spell Healm is used to power the propulsion and affect the relative bouyancy of the Floating Granite. Various users of magic are able expend their magical energy to move it forward.

Armor and defense

Being based on what amounts to a half mile long slab of floating granite, it is able to quickly avoid many entanglements that don't have an aerial assault. Additionally it has low walls that prevent occupants from falling off which shield them from outward assault.

Hangars & docked vessels

3 lifting platforms and one cloak of flying.
330 meters
780 meters
20 meters of floating granite, plus a height of up to 30 meters of structures on top
72 miles per day / apx 6 miles per hour

Cover image: by Markus Dehning (vertixico)


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