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Floating Granite

The various floating islands are a wonder of the world. They float by virtue of a strange granite known as floating granite. While it is as durable as regular granite, it generates some field effect that makes it buoyant in standard atmospheres.


Material Characteristics

Lightly bluish gray with flecks of white, dark grey, blue black and black.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Durable and hard.

Geology & Geography

Found mostly in floating islands it is occasionally found underground surrounded by other types of granite.

Origin & Source

It is unknown if it is a result of some other effect or naturally occurring.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Most commonly it is found in floating islands, though it has been said that dwarves have made massive floating transport ships the size of castles.

Industrial Use

When subjected to magical fields the buoyancy of the granite can be altered. This property can be manipulated in localized areas causing banking and rotation of an object made of the granite. While thrust cannot be achieved through this manipulation, height and direction can be shifted.

Manufacturing & Products

Often used as a component in levitation and flying spells, flying brooms or carpets.


How high up things float is dependent on barometric pressure, so if a low pressure system and high winds come through it can cause floating islands to ram into mountains or other structures.



Generally stored in open sided containers with heavy tops. Most commonly sold as pebbles, dust, or powders for magic items. Larger bricks or blocks are generally a negotiated trade deal.

Law & Regulation

Only the most stringent of regimes would regulate this substance as it is very hard to detect in small quantities and is not unusual to find in floating magic lanterns, floating slots or carriages.
Not especially rare, it is valuable and not cheaply available.
Hundreds of islands are know, many are populated or claimed however making the discovery of new sources particularly sought after.

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