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Island Continent of Bellflower

Named and island continent for it being the smallest and most populated continent, the island continent of Bellflower get's it's name from a peculiar edible bellflower found only there. After the two crisis about a century ago, families banded together and slowly began to reorganize themselves into nations again. These nations are listed in the sidebar.   To the west is the great ocean. To the east is the Kingdom of New Minam, claiming to be a continuation of the former Empire of Minam yet without such power.  


  • The Warriors of Wold seem interested in a land grab
  • The Order of Bamboo is becoming more politically active
  • Shavamhon has not disbanded it’s large military since after it’s conquest of Golim
  • Hobartin is having unusually contentious elections.
  • The Great Pinhou is actively courting new industries and attracting powerful mages funded by the government. The question from many is, why?


Lore Masters of the Omoikane

The Loremasters of the Omoikane have maintained relative stability in Jutohin the capital of the Land of the Great Tree. Their agents work in many capacities including research, discovery and retrieval.  

Order of Bamboo

The Order of Bamboo is in control of most of the Towers of Wind. These communication stations act as a form of telegraph service. As such they control much of banking, communications and offer many courier services.  

Knights of Shining Truth and The Order for Order

These companion organizations originate in the Land of Order and Truth. The Knights of Shining Truth dedicate themselves to establishing justice at home and abroad. The Order for Order is interested primarily on magical research and artifact recovery.  


One of the largest mercantile guilds of in the Land of Bellflower. Trocon is based in Independence in the Conclave of Equals. They specialize in metalwork and stonework. Recently they have tethered several floating islands and seem to have found some interesting uses for the Floating Granite.  

The League of Adventurers

Headed in the city of Gleanneala in Hobartin, this group of retired adventurers and financiers are always interested in telling tall tales and financing expeditions.


Surrounded by water with mountains within it's center, the forests and hills are rich with wildlife and plants. The central mountain range is rarely traversed, most preferring to sail around to the other coast instead.

Fauna & Flora

The signature Purple Bellflower is known for it's curative and food properties. The tuber is large and edible, the leaves useful sparingly in salads when young or as a tea when dried, and the flower itself is able to be used in a tincture applied as an antiseptic.   The iron woods in the west provide durable hardwoods. Bamboo forests in the south provide great poles and cheap staves. The Home Trees provide coveted shelter, while the Hornacs provide manual labor and meat.

Natural Resources

Mines of Iron and copper dot the continent. Emerald mines in the west and jade mines in the north provide rare minerals. Silver is more abundant than gold, and most currency is based on silver coinage mixed with a ceramic compound to prevent tarnishing.


  • Eastern Bellflower
    Map by arawlins
  • Central Bellflower
    Map by arawlins

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