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The City of Hencaer is the capitol of Nahaerhin. Ruled by the King of Nahaerhin with a relatively fair hand. Within the last decade the region has become a major exporter for food and wool, and has not been involved in many military conflicts. As a result, the city has recently had an explosion of population and three large shanty towns have grown up along the edges of the city.   There are a great many districts of craftsmen and laborers in the city and a great many farms and ranches in the region about. The guilds are gaining prominence in a land of nobles and princes, which is a source of conflict. Once or twice a week (depending on season) a great bazaar is held in the streets and all manner of goods can be exchanged.   There are numerous sights to see throughout the year. Summer is always a buzz with bees and flowers as the region is known for it's honey. At the height of summer is a festival of the hives which includes retellings of The Tale of Jeb, a water barge festival of lights, and eating of all sorts of honey candied fruits and nuts.


The Kingdom of Hencar is led by the king Maldwyn of Cule.


The city itself has few physical defenses. The possibility of aerial attack is not mitigated by walls, and the lake and military installation between the lake and the ocean provide a large buffer for the city.

Industry & Trade

Hence is the main trade port for the abundant honey, meat, and wool of the local region. It also is on the river where wood, iron and gold come from further inland. It is one of the few stops on trade routes by air, and has a very well protected inner sea area for safety.


Originally a smaller trading city in the Minam Empire, Hencaer was hit early by the The Plague of Silmora. As a result, the families that survived banded together to make the best of things. This cooperation put them in a good place to rebuild after all the crises. One of the families is still ruling the country of Nahaerhin.


There are three distinct types of architecture within the city of Hencaer. First are the stone and brick buildings used by large temples, the castle, and other long established buildings. Second are the wattle and dob houses with thatch or shingled roofs. Third are the shanty towns made with irregular wooden boards, canvas and woolen fabrics. Some being more of a permanent tent city.
Alternative Name(s)
The Jewel of the Lake
Large city
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