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Tower of Howling Winds

The Order of Bamboo’s headquarters are at the nearby town and within the five towers of the Howling Wind. The towers are able to act as a central hub that connects the many Towers of Wind, which act as a communication network of verbal messages. The towers had additional capabilites but have gone haywire with the destruction. Only the critical communication parts are in use and the other ares of the towers off-limits except to the researchers trying to get things under control. It is especially difficult as the towers themselves seem to rearrange some of the rooms or doors. You may be at the bottom floor and a door leads to the top of another tower.

Purpose / Function

The original purpose appears to have been an academy of magic, or at least some sort of research facility. That all changed when the Mystic Engines failed. The place went haywire and killed most of the inhabitants.


A corridor of stabilizing pillars have been added to move from the exterior to the one tower that is not as dangerous.


Made of five large towers and a dozen or so smaller towers. The roofs are made of glazed and durable tiles. The bottom floor has many connected buildings that create a network of courtyards. A series of protective menhir's keep the disruption at bay and isolated to the cliff.


Built as a wizards tower a few hundred years before the founding of the Minam Empire. Then early in the Minam Empire it gained a few additional towers and became a place of research and learning, it expanded over the course of that empire's dominance and several satellite campus' were established. It was specifically interested in research relating to species biology, extra-dimensional spaces, teleportation and communication.
6897 OR
College / Academy
Owning Organization

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