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The Hidden Lord of Shadow Town

Within the city of Hencaer there are three shanty towns. One is known as the Shadow Town. Over the last year a new faction has risen gaining significant control of that part of the city. Very few know the name of this enigmatic self styled lord. An investigator named Shamash is looking for agents to assist him in researching this.

Plot points/Scenes

  • Request for aid - where Shamash asks for aid in assisting in his investigations of a drug ring (The Shepard and Scroll)
  • Investigate throughout the city
  • Visit to the White Lips
  • Sneak to the under city dock
  • Foil the drug deal
  • Report this to Shamash and the Watch


Some Adult in nature. Abuse of substances. Manipulation of people for gain. How much can I do to change things?



Shamash the investigator is a plain dressed middle age man with the eyes of a driven and compulsive investigator. On his shoulder perches a member of the Blue Cats species.


The orphanage of Nicolao.


The white lips enforcers, an adult entertainment venue in the shanty town catering to unsavory tastes has a series of surprisingly efficient and capable enforcers.



The White Lips brothel, entertainment house is a shabby collection of wooden walls and fabric tents, forming a complex messy warren of rooms. The dirt floors, soft pillows, low burning lanterns and heavy incense make for a dizzying experience.   The Watch Headquarters in the Fortress District is a three story stone building overlooking the Shadow town.   The Shepard and Scroll Inn is a cozy Inn that caters to adventure and thrill seekers. Renown for it's map collection on display (for a fee of course), it's brick walls, comfy chairs and magically heated baths.
Plot type
Adventure/ Dungeon Crawl

Cover image: by Markus Dehning (vertixico)


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