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The Crepsis Family

The Crepsis Family of Hencaer in Nahaerhin is a bureaucratic family to say the least. This half-elven family is known for being ruthless in business and is known to deal in black market and unsavory practices. Despite the general knowledge of their corruption and crime, they are embedded in the local bureaucracy and evade formal prosecution.


The family is lead by an elderly family member, though who this is changes periodically. With the passing of Inobella Crepsis, her son Emonis has taken control of the family interests. He designates the heads of Family and bosses of the businesses. His indulgences are legendary, and many say his sister Leveona is more in control of many of the business dealings. She is reputed to be much like her ancestor Domla.

Public Agenda

They are merchants and financiers of multiple businesses. These businesses include trading vessels, metal smelting and working, logging and plantations.


  • The largest gold mine in Traigh
  • The second largest shipping cooperative out of Intabaentala
  • A series of olive tree groves just south of Hencaer
  • the largest sawmill in Brightwater


Founded by Elican Crepsis the Vicious after the wars of attrition, he and his wife Domla the witch consolidated their own enclave in the forests south of Hencaer. They had sufficient power to resist raids of rogue Minan centurions as the empire lost it's grasp on the region. This lead people to flock to them for protection. The protection didn't come cheap.   Later during the founding of Nahaerhin they were instrumental in the founding of the noble fiefdom structure of the government. This replaced the failed attempt at a more centralized model of control which attempted to suppress the power of the Crepsis and other noble families.

Skill Reaps Benefits

Alternative Names
The noble family, Those Truly in Charge

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