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Knowing Iles

The Half-elven democracy is comprised of several layers of society. First are the citizens who have priveleges to vote, second are members of the order of bamboo who give up their voting priveleges as a conflict of interest, and third are the bonded servants and foreigners.   Servants are made servants in one of two ways. First as a debt to be paied to society, for which they must spend a number of years in servitude. Second they may voluntarially become servants for their life, this is done with dedication to their master’s household. In return for their service masters are bound by laws on how to treat servants and if they are found in violation of them, they are rendered servants themselves with a maximum sentence of 24 years in servitude.   Clothing: The citizens wear wool pants and tunics, in off white and browns. The servants wear black in assymetrical tunics with small border decorations.   Legends: A popular legend talks of a magical bag that could hold the entire nation in it’s pocket, to protect it from danger.   Holidays: They community is known for having a good number of seasonal festivals, most of which are memorials of long lost historical events.


As a small island nation it is a simple democracy with citizens voting once a year for new laws and policies. Head Praetor and his city Praetors take care of most administrative duties and lead the watch and military.


Architecture: Due to the small space on the islands, the architeture is made of round towers with conical thatched roofs and side rooms and awnings.

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Character flag image: by Alex Rawlins (arawlins)


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