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The Tale of Symon Bode

Symon Bode is a famous Eltaran freelance sea captain, credited with being influential in sinking almost the entire Valcoran fleet during the Valcoran-Eltaran war.


Symon Bode was a perfect example of the true strength of the Eltaran people. At the beginning of the war between our great empire and the failure of a people that is The Valcoran Empire, we sent many fleets full of brave Eltaran soldiers to begin purging the Torrese filth from the face of Torrezon. As is to be expected, thye had no idea we were coming, and we were able to land our fleets easily within their borders. Shortly after we had unloaded these brave men though, the Valcoran Fleet finally became aware of our presence, and began to hound our ships, trying to sink them in a paltry attempt to trap us within their borders. It was then, that a simple man who had been following our fleet attempting to pick up the scraps we left behind sailed into the fray. His name, was Symon Bode, a once mariner of the great Eltaran Navy turned pirate. Seeing his countrymen attacked by the foul Torrese ships drove him into action, and sailing his double mast sloop in, he began raining his wrath down upon the offending ships. One by one, he sank them, taking heavy damage to his own ship in the process, until even his own ship was unable to stay afloat. His last act, before sinking into the waves with his ship, was to raise the last cannon he had, and fire at the largest of the remaining Valcoran ships, sinking it with a single blow, screaming his love for the empire as he sank.

Historical Basis

The tale of Symon Bode is, largely considered outside of Eltar to be a complete myth, as it follows much of the same as other false tales from that land that revolve around characters sacrificing themselves for the good of the empire, without seeing to have any historical record of them existing before hand.
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