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The Valcoran Empire

The Valcoran Empire is the longest standing empire of humanity in Vel'Kora. Founded by former slaves of the The Ssashathan Empire, it has weathered every attack and recovered from every downfall to rise into what is the most powerful nation in the world. Lead by an immortal Empress, it stands strong and ready against any who would dare to challenge its power.


The Valcoran Empire is lead by Verona Elmahdy, current ruler of the ancient Elmahdy line of women who have ruled in Torrezon since the inception of the empire itself. Verona uses both military might and the religious power of The Order of the Dead to maintain an iron grip on the continent. She rules from the Wastelands and governs over all subjects within Torrezon.   Empirical officials determined by Verona herself run the day to day affairs of the empire from the village, town, or city from where they are appointed to rule. The position is often for life, unless they do something to displease the Empress, and often passes down from member to member of the same family, setting up a upper ruling class in every large settlement throughout the empire. Officials also belong or closely work with the many varied religious orders and organizations dedicated to the Gods of The Torrezon Pantheon, each of which govern a specific aspect of life throughout the empire, from trade, to agriculture, to funeral rites.   The military of the empire is divided into four separate sects. It is ruled first and foremost by the Empress herself, then by the Archons of the Order of the Dead, with four Archons attached to each sect. Castellons oversee each individual military formation.

Public Agenda

The Valcoran Empire exists to protect the sovereign land of Torrezon, and all peoples who dwell there in. It seeks to provide a safe haven for all who choose to dwell and serve its Empress, and to last from now until time itself dies.


The Valcoran Empire was born eighty two years after the refugee slaves of The Ssashathan Empire discovered Torrezon after fleeing across the sea, following the whispers of Osirant. The then newly built city of Uhuru rallied behind Neferu, forcing her into the role of Empress at the age of 31. Her line continued to rule, passing from daughter to daughter, for over two thousand years, and still survives to this day in the current Empress, Verona Elmahdy. The empire slowly grew to expand over the entire continent by 1243 TS. While the Valcoran Empire was then predominantly Human, they welcomed any and all who they discovered on the continent into their fold, and several other species joined and quickly were naturalized throughout its territory, with those who refused to move being given limited sovereignty over their ancestral lands.   The Valcoran Empire has experienced two great collapses in its time. While the empire itself was not technically destroyed or ended, it was still none the less shattered greatly and a large portion of its population left to discover newer, often safer lands. The First Collapse occured following The Valcoran-Ssashathan War. Much of the empire still dwelt within the city of Uhuru, which was very badly damaged over the course of the fifteen year siege. With the death of several of their new Gods, and fearing a return of the reptilian forces of their former oppressors, many of its inhabitants chose to leave the empire entirely. They left the city and sailed west, curling down south past the Ruined Depths, and eventually making land on the massive continent of Eltar, where they founded a new empire.   The Second Collapse occurred almost a thousand years later, when the newly risen Eltaran Empire struck out against its former homeland. The Eltaran-Valcoran Conflict as it came to be known was a vicious and brutal war, where The Valcoran Empire suffered extreme losses and was largely under of The Eltaran Empire occupation for several years. It wasnt until the the Empress Verona Elmahdy was contacted my a deep, ancient power, and using its power, rallied her forces to drive the Eltaran war machine into the dirt, the sea, and completely off the continent. Even after her victory, her control on the empire was tenuous, and again, a large portion of the population left, sailing west again, but north, to the continent of Koria.   Since that time, Verona has reestablished complete and total control of the empire, and the entirety of the continent of Torrezon.

Demography and Population

The Valcoran Empire is predominantly human, but not exclusively. Much like any other place where humanity thrives, you have an inclusion of those who fall just off the scale of humanity, such as Genasi, Tieflings, Aasimar and Hagspawn. While Genasi are much less common in Torrezon than in Koria they can still be found within her borders naturally. Torrezon and the empire itself is also home to a number of unique species found only within its borders, such as the Ank-Tabaxi, a rare breed of Tabaxi dedicated to the God Anket. The Tosculi, and insectoid hive mind race who dwell deep underground in The Middle Plains, but whose exiles can be found occasionally within the cities and towns of the empire. The Thri-keen, another insectoid race of The Middle Plains who live in small hunger gatherer like tribes within the sand dunes and grasslands. The Sebak, a crocodilian species, said to be descended from a group of humans who dedicated themselves to Sebakar, as well as several others.   Approximately eighteen million live within the empire itself, most in the two twin cities of The Lower Basin, Apsoset and Semunet.


The empire controls the entirety of the continent of Torrezon, and has so for nearly two thousand years.


Two main religions hold sway in the empire. The Torrezon Pantheon is the main held religion, with temples to its various Gods found in every hamlet, village, town, and city in its borders. The second is the newer religion of the Empress and the Order of the Dead, dedicated to the being known as Oseris.   It is understood that the Empress is in the process of slowly pushing the worship of Oseris to be the prime religion within the empire, even going so far as to force the closure of temples and worship sites of the Gods of the pantheon. While this has caused some unrest, the inhabitants of the empire have so far not been repulsed by the action, and in some places simple choose to continue the worship of their old Gods in secret.

Foreign Relations

While trade flourishes between the empire itself, Koria and Ssashan, they have a trade embargo with The Eltaran Empire.   The empire is not militarily aggressive, but is not above retaliation for any attack against it.

A people enduring. A land eternal.


  • Torrezon
    Torrezon, home of The Valcoran Empire, oldest seat of humanity that still holds power within the world.   The continent is divided not only by man-made walls, but also by geographic region into three separate locations.
  • Farrun Islet
    Farrun Islet is the small middle islet in The Lower Basin of Torrezon. Known best for Hebbesport and the town of Hebbes, as well as the multiple farms of ___ that are grown only in this small landmass.
Founding Date
1767 TS
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Torrezon Empire
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Valcoran Tal is the main official currency. It is a gold coin. They also hold silver and copper coins for lesser amount denominations, similar to the rest of the world. Valcoran Tal are hexagonal in shape, with a small hole in the middle.   Vacoran Tal are slightly smaller than other coinage used in the world, but thicker, so carry the same gold weight as any other coin.
Legislative Body
The Order of the Balanced Scale handle the tasks of law writing and for the enitre empire.
Judicial Body
At a basic and local level, The Order of the Balanced Scale handles the general enforcement of the law throughout the empire. Should a law be broken, the severity of the transgression often determines who within the empire passes judgement. If the transgression is small, such as petty thievery, pick pocketing, or basic civil conduct, it is often that the highest ranking member of The Order of the Balanced Scale in the area renders judgement on the accused. If a major law is broken, the highest empirical official renders judgement, with the assistance of The Balanced Scale. The breaking or subverting of religious law is handled by either The Balanced Scale, the religious organisation who was affected, or The Order of the Dead, depending on the purview and severity. Should an act of aggression against the empire itself occur, the Order of the Dead and the highest ranking empirical official in the region carry out the sentence. Anything greater than that is said to be handled by the upper most of the Order of the Balanced Scale, and Nkosi personally.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Professions
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths

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