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The Middle Plains

The dry middle of Torrezon.

The Middle Plain is the central area of Torrezon. A mostly empty stretch of scrub grasslands and dunes of sand, it is often the home of those outcast from the twin cities, bandits, thieves and the like, as well as the homeland of the Torrezon Ank-Tabaxi and Loxoda tribes who claim the northern half of the plains. The lower half of the plain is home to the ruins of the ancient city of Uhuru and its surrounding towns. The crystal blue lake Osirants' Heart sits in the middle of the plain, feeding The Flail River that supplies the fresh water to The Lower Basin.


The norther half of the plains, called The Eastern Plains, is a long stretch of grassland as far as the eye can see. The only deviations in the ocean of dull brown grass is the towering black mountain called Godspeak, said to be the ancient home of the Gods of The Torrezon Pantheon, and the black stone fortress of Ennepsis, training grounds of The Order of the Dead.   The lower plain is a harsher environment, heat baked earth and sand dunes, leading through the massive ruins of the city of Uhuru, and beyond north to The Wall of Tears.   Osirants' Heart, so named for the fact the former God ripped his own heart form his chest before dying to give life to the people of Torrezon before his end, stretches like a freshwater inland sea for miles and miles in the very center, dividing the two sections of the Middle Plain for most of its length.

Natural Resources

For the most part, all usable resources have been stripped from the Middle Plain over the course of the life of The Valcoran Empire. The only notable recourse left lies is the ever flowing water from Osirants' Heart.


  • The Middle Plains
    The Middle Plains of Torrezon. The dry and dusty portion of the continent, full of history.
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