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The Hekamephis sits in the very upper tip of The Upper Wastes, and is the seat of the The Valcoran Empire.

Purpose / Function

The Hekamephis serves as the location of the seat of The Valcoran Empire, and is the permanent residence of the royal Elmahdy Family. It is the last place of safety for the ruling family should the empire ever come under attack, due to its being surrounded by nearly unscalable cliffs, and the general unpleasant environment of The Upper Wastes themselves, not to mention the garrisons south of the citadel itself.


The Hekmephis is constructed entirely out of solid black stone, unlike anything in Torrezon. The closest example of it can be found in Ennepsis, but the stone there is the rough and pitted stone of the Godspeak. The stone that Hekamephis is made from is smooth, almost like that of obsidian, but much much harder. Like obsidian, it also has sharp peaks and corners that are said to be able to break the skin easily to those who are unaware.


Hekamephis was created more than a century after The Eltaran-Valcoran Conflict. Empress Verona Elmahdy was said to have ordered the construction of the immense structure to replace the former royal seat that was destroyed during the last battles of that war. It took twenty six years to complete, and was said to have been originally created of the same stone as the mountain range that has been destroyed to created The Wall of Tears. However, rituals said to have been preformed on the structure transformed the stone into the smooth black substance it is today.
Alternative Names
The Black Jewel
Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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