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The Grand Temple of the Dead

In the harsh northern region of Torrezon called The Upper Wastes, there sits a massive pyramid structure. Within this structure is a large room, lined with dark red pools and an alter made entirely of cold iron. The outside is patrolled night and day by hardened guards of the Order of the Dead, who will kill any who attempt to sneak into this structure on sight. This is the Grand Temple of the Dead, the largest temple to Oseris in all of The Valcoran Empire, grand headquarters for The Order of the Dead, and the site that the fabled Holy Rite of Salvation is preformed.

Purpose / Function

The main true use of this building is to focus the power of Oseris into the main chamber room in the bottom of the building.   The room itself is lined on either side with large pools of a deep red liquid, smelling faintly of sulfur. Pipes of glass run from each of the pools to a large metal alter, shaped like seven large sarcophagi arranged like spokes on a wheel. Each sarcophagi is large enough to fit a grown man inside comfortable, and deep enough for him to be completely submerged in the strange red liquid.   There are a key requirement for one to undergo the Holy Rite of Salvation and become Undying.


The pyramid is made entirely of large gray stones, quarried from the mountains that once dominated The Upper Wastes.


The Grand Temple was said to have been founded on the very spot that Verona Elmahdy was first given the gift that became the Holy Rite of Salvation. She commissioned its creation after reestablishing control of the continent after The Eltaran-Valcoran Conflict, and it was completed after the completion of the Hekamephis and The Wall of Tears. It was given to The Order of the Dead to be used as a main base of operations shortly after, though Verona still visits the site regularly.
Alternative Names
The Grand Temple
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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