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The Order of the Dead

The Order of the Dead. Torrezons' iron fist of faith and steel.


Ruled by a Warrior High Priestess, Archons hold the highest attainable position under her, with Ministers and Matrons receive orders directly from them and pass them down to Exarchs and Eparchs, who in turn delineate to Prelates and Bishops, who inform and order the base Priests and Priestess, who delegate to the Clerics.

Public Agenda

The Order of the Dead works as the religious and military arm of the Empress Verona. They seek to secure the safety of the Empire at any and all costs, defend the people from threats within the borders of Torrezon, and also oversee the care taking of the dead.


The Order has full access to and control of the entirety of the wealth and materials of The Valcoran Empire, as well as anything Verona has deemed to dangerous or volatile for the public to use.


The Order of the Dead is the crowning jewel of Torrezon, proof that our faith in the ways of old should never have been shaken. With them, I united a land of savage tribes and people unready to stand against the world. Through them, we shall reawaken the truth this land taught our ancestors in ages past. ~Verona Elmahdy, Empress of the Valcoran Empire
  The Order of the Dead started as a sub-sect of The Church of Osirant who specifically dealt with the processing and internment of the dead of high society. After the second fall of the Valcoran Empire, Verona Elmahdy rebuilt the order under the understanding that she had been instructed that returning to the ancient ways of honoring the dead would return the Empire and Torrezon to its former glory.   She preceded to use the Order to seize control of the entire continent with a grip of steel, crushing all that opposed her rule and designs for the new path the Valcoran Empire must take. Each member of the Order is given the Holy Rite of Salvation, after proving ones dedication to the Empire.

Torrezon: Undying, Unyielding, Unending

Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Order of the Undying
Predecessor Organization
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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Controlled Territories
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