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Land of the Dead

Torrezon, The Land of the Dead, Home of The Valcoran Empire.   Settled by Humanity in 1849 ST by refugees of Ssashan, they built the City of Uhuru on the western coast and eventually founded The Valcoran Empire in 1767 ST, lead by Neferu.


Torrezon is divided into three areas; Lower Basin, Middle Plains, and Upper Wastes, separated from each other by two massive walls called The Wall of Tears, and the Wall of Warding.   The Lower Basin is a green fertile drainage basin fed by tributaries from the Middle Plains. Massive fields of grain and orchards of fruit baring trees are cultivated in his region. The two massive twin cities of Semunet and Apsoset dominate the northern and southern forks of The Flail River, and are home to the lions share of the population of the Empire. It is the hub of trade, the center of civilization and only area in the Empire that non-human members of its society are allowed to live.   The Middle Plains are a wide, mostly infertile plain of scrubland, and is home to the outcast and outlawed. The northern half is referred to as The Eastern Plains, home of the lion-like Tabaxi tribes and wandering Loxoda herds. Two roads running from Semunet and Apsoset lead to the Wall of Tears, kept safe for travelers by strict supervision by the Empire. The ancient ruins of the city of Uhuru sits in the lower half of the plains, and is the oldest site on the continent. A massive lake called Osirants' Heart stretches for miles in the center of the Plains, said to be created by the death of their patron deity, Osirant.   The Upper Wastes is a mysterious wasteland of desert, and the seat of power of The Valcoran Empire. Massive temple structures dominate the upper tip of the continent, dedicated to their 'Fifteen Gods of Death' that are said to be the driving force behind the Empire.


  • Torrezon
    Torrezon, home of The Valcoran Empire, oldest seat of humanity that still holds power within the world.   The continent is divided not only by man-made walls, but also by geographic region into three separate locations.
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