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Moon Tears

Moon Tears, or Tears of Selûne, are smooth iridescent white stones that used to be only found in Koria and are predominantly used by the Moon Elfs in their rituals.


Material Characteristics

Usually round in shape, the stones are anywhere from the size of a melon to reportedly as large as a dog.

Geology & Geography

In the past, they were found exclusively in Tela'thanir, or as its know today The Blacklands. However after the Planar War and the exodus of the Moon Elves from Koria, they are now extremely rare, and those that are found are leftovers from the past.

Origin & Source

The Moons Tears are, according to legend, exactly what the name implies. If you look to the sky at night, you can see the moon, said to be a personification of the Goddess Selûne, with a trail of sparkling meteorites trailing it called the tears. Every ten years, Selûne was said to weep so greatly that some of these tears fell to earth, given as a gift to her beloved and devout followes, nearly all of which were Moon Elves.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Moon Elves claim the Moons Tears to be gifts from their patron Goddess from a time when the world was young, and as such use them in some way in all their cultural activities, (ei Moons Tear goblets, ritual knives, alters, etc). Due to being an excellent arcane amplifier, Moon Elves will also work them into many of their magical artifacts and weapons, to add potency to the enchantments.


Trade & Market

Due to the fact they are no longer found anywhere in the world, Moons Tears are an extremely exotic luxury, with most people outside of the Moon Elves never having seen one, if even knowing of their existence.

Law & Regulation

Moons Tears are exclusively controlled by the Moon Elves. Anyone outside of their race and culture found to be in the possession of one without express agreement from the four houses is hunted down and executed without trial, regardless of where they may be in the world.
Worth your life if not careful.
Extremely rare.
Iridescent white.
Moons Tears have the same density of Quartz.
Common State
Solid chunks of stone.
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