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The Blacklands

The Blacklands is a barren wasteland of rock, dirt and sand in the middle of the continent of Koria.   Once known as The Wilds of Tela'thanir, it was a land of rolling pine forests and high mountains, home to the fourth of the Free Cities of Koria, and the former homeland of the Moon Elves. It had been described as a quiet place, filled with deep old magic and ancient alters to the Gods of the Giants.


The Blacklands are as rugged and diverse as the people and creatures that inhabit it.   Large chunks of mountain ranges lay scattered about, surrounded by stretches of scorched and barren earth, large and foreboding forests of twisted trees, desert dunes, broken and cracked earth, and hills of rock and stone worn down by wind and the ravages of The Planar War.

Fauna & Flora

The Blacklands are home to some of the more unique fauna in Koria. Gray Renders can be found almost exclusively within its borders, as well as many of the less intelligent Elementals, and most if not all of the clans of Orcs.

Natural Resources

In ages past, when this region was known as Tela'thanir, Moon Tears were found exclusively in this region. Since the exodus of the Moon Elf houses, their falling has not been recorded. Though wanderers still spin tales of how on a clear night, when the moon is full, falling stars can be witnessed, and some shine all to bright, and land in and around the ruins of the old Elf city.   Black granite is also found in abundance in this region, as well as its more standard form, sandstone, slate, and basalt. Rich veins of iron can be found within the mountain ranges, though they are often jealously guarded by Orcs, goblinoids, and kobold clans.   The large creatures that roam and hunt in this region are also a great source of the finest of leathers.
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