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Thranis'bir was once the northern most watch post and fortification of the Moon Elf kingdom of Tela'thanir.

Purpose / Function

Thranis'bir was originally built to be a fortified training camp, far flung from the main capital of the kingdom of Tela'thanir, however during the start of the Planar War, it was converted into a full time watch post and military garrison for first the , and then various resistance armies after the Moon Elf Exodus.


Thranis'bir is a solid square structure of large gray granite blocks. An elegant archway leads into the central courtyard and training ground, which still has most of the original stone cobbles in place. Barracks with enough rooms to hold at least forty men, a storehouse and kitchen with enough space to feed them, and a crumbling stable all can be found within its high walls.


Thranis'bir, or Northstar, in the Common tongue, was designed and built to be a training ground for those who would eventually become the elite royal guard of the ruling family of the Moon Elf kingdom. Taken early in their career, those chosen would be taken here for no less than sixty years, enduring rigorous training both physical and mental, as well as being schooled in court manners, customs, and policies. It was not until The Sunder that its role became that of a watch post for Tela'thanir, due to its location being the northern most place within its borders. However, after the fall of the Moon Elven kingdom, and the later exodus of its people, Thranis'bir was abandoned for some years, until it was reclaimed and used for a time by those who fought against the Elementals, including for a time used by The Nightfog as a base of operations.   After the events of The Sunder settled down however, it was abandoned and left to crumble in the Blacklands, mostly untouched by the inhabitants of the rugged wastelands that now surround it due to its supposed haunting.
40 AS
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