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Holding the place as the head of an empire, an Emperor or Empress is the highest level of social standing within some of the most powerful nations both in current times and the past.



For most of the history of Vel'Kora, those who have been crowned and/or chosen to be the head of an empire have had either great social or military prowess.   Besides this fact, there are no real qualifications to become an Emperor or Empress besides the willingness of others to follow you.

Career Progression

To those born into the royal family of an empire, there are no steps required other than the death, be it by natural means or not, of your predecessor.   To those who have claimed the title by their own choice, often it is either by sheer will to dominate and rule those around them, or in one specific example the utter need of those around them to elevate a person to the status needed to guide them. (see Neferu)

Payment & Reimbursement

The heads of empires do not, pre say, receive payment for their position. Instead, much in the same way as Kings, they are in control of all wealth the empire they control commands. They are placed upon the highest pedestal possible within their land and/or religion, and often hold the most amount of land within the confines of the empire.

Other Benefits

Emperors and Empresses hold the highest social position within their controlled empire. They are THE most recognizable individual within their empire, and as such are entitled to all that comes with it.



To rule all those within the lands held by a given empire, deciding everything from laws and the enforcement of them, taxation, social structuring, approving holiday celebrations, deciding how education is handled within the empire and what is taught within its borders, and more.

Social Status

Emperors and Empresses hold the highest social standing possible in the empire they control.   Becoming and Emperor or Empress would be considered, for someone not born into a given family that holds the imperial title, a lofty goal, almost even a dream, as they would need to either to claim a large enough piece of land to support the economy of an empire and the financial capitol to back it up, or overthrow the current ruling faction or family of the empire they currently reside in.


Extremely limited.
Administration / Management
Famous in the Field
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