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The Upper Wastes

The Upper Wastes is located in the upper most third of the continent of Torrezon, as is home of the ruling seat of The Valcoran Empire and The Order of the Dead. Its is a rough and uncomfortable place, with sharp jagged peaks and ravines, and fetid salt marshes. The northern edges of the wastes are covered with rough chopped stone, the only remains of the mountain range that once covered most of the area before it was entirely miend to build The Wall of Tears. The only places of note are the city of Tarmeset in the south, along the Wall of Tears, The Grand Temple of the Dead, and Hekamephis in the northern tip seat of power for the entire Valcoran Empire.


The Upper Wastes are a brutal and broken stretch of land. Once home to the only mountain range Torrezon even truly had, it is now nothing more than a wasteland of broken stone. Deep ravines run throughout the wastes, with drops of several hundred feet. Sharp jagged rocks and chunks of stone litter the bottom, making passing through them nearly impossible. Scattered throughout the area are several salt water swamps, once fertile and teeming with life, that are now uniformly foul fetid pits of undrinkable water where nothing grows or lives.

Fauna & Flora

With the exclusion of the denizens of the Valcoran Empire who live in Tarmeset, and those Order of the Dead who reside in the Grand Temple of the Dead, nothing lives in the Upper Wastes. No plants grow, those trees left are stick limbed and barren. Any animals are the domesticated pets, Chiton, or livestock of Tarmeset.

Natural Resources

Nearly all of the natural resources have been carried away from this area.
Alternative Name(s)
The Wastes
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