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Chiton Racing

Chiton racing is a much loved sport in Torrezon.


Chiton racing began as a sort of pass time for the those born into upper society in The Valcoran Empire after the First Collapse. Simple at first, the family Chiton would be saddled and mounted by either the fastest of the family or the fastest of the servants and the race would be held around the grounds of the families estates. As the empire grew, so did the number of Chiton available to its people, and those of lower station were able to acquire their own beetle. The servants who rode for the upper families soon began to hold races of their own, eventually leading to the races being held as a national event by the Empress Toa Elmahdy in 921 ST.   Today, small level races can be found being run in Semunet and Apsoset, as well as The Great Race held every spring, in which contestants race from the gates of Apsoset, through The Middle Plains, around Osirants' Heart and back to the gate of Semunet.


Traditional races involve riding the Chiton around a rounded track, for ten to twelve laps, with the winner being the first to cross the starting line. Mountie/Chiton contact between contestants is often discouraged in most racing rings, though there are a few places where it is greatly encouraged.


Most races consist of five to ten Chiton and their Mounties, and a Watcher whose sole purpose is to discern the winner of the race.   The Great Race can consist of up to forty contestants making their way through markers along the road manned by Marker Men, who apply paint to the beetles as the pass to verify that they crossed each check mark in turn.


The Great Race is held every year in the beginning of the Spring season, and lasts for up to a week, depending on the speed of those involved.
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