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Mummification is an ancient tradition in Torrezon to preserve and ready the dead for their walk to the Gate of the Dead. According to the last know recording done by Order of the Ibis Feather, Torrezon crypts and ruins contain the bodies of nearly two million mummified bodies, plus an undocumented number that have been taken and stored in The Upper Wastes.


The tradition was first handed down to humanity by Osirant shortly after he assisted in their escape from Ssashan. Early mummification was done by emptying the organs from the body and filling it with sand, to try and help extend the preservation, until Neferu was gifted the knowledge of how to create embalming oils by Thalatos after dedicating an entire wing of the Uhuru palace to his church.


The body is covered in salt for two weeks, to draw much moisture out as possible. The body cavity is then opened, the organs removed, rehydrated with oil and stored in canopic jars. The cavity is then sown shut again, the body rehydrated and painted for observance by the family, before entombment, often in the family crypt.

Components and tools

Traditional tools for mummification are specially crafted bronze tools, usually a set of long thin knives and hooks, canopic jars for storing the heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, stomach, and lungs, salt, and embalming oil.


In modern days mummification is preformed exclusively by The Order of the Dead and usually only for the upper elite of The Valcoran Empire.
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