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The twenty five Archons of The Order of the Dead hold the highest position one is able to achieve within the organization, being directly under the authority of Verona Elmahdy, and given the privilege to make governing decisions throughout The Valcoran Empire.


The original ten Archons were hand chosen by Verona Elmahdy from her most devoted generals after the Eltaran-Valcoran war. Those who have been chosen since, it is required for there to first be an open seat, and also for them to have spent significant time within the Order, hold a position serving a Magistrate within one of the major cities, and must make a formal verbal request stating their cae as to why they are worthy of a place among the Archons.


To become an Archon, you would need to have demonstrated an extreme devotion to Torrezon and her people, a firm and strong belief in the strength of the faith and its power to guide and shape the lives of those within the Valcoran Empire, and to have spent an extremely long time within the Order of the Dead. To this last part, a majority of the Archons have served in the Order since its reformation after the Second Collapse, being now several hundred years old, some even said to be as old as Verona herself.


After the formal verbal request has been made, the applicant is required to remain locked in a holy vigil, while the Archons debate before Verona for twenty five days, each getting a full day to speak his or her reasons as to why or why not the applicant should or should not be elevated to join their rank. Should the applicant receive a majority of these arguments in their favor, Verona herself informs the new Archon and welcomes them into their new role within the Order.


The Archons manage the day to day running of The Order of the Dead, and pass along the decrees of the Empress to the Order, as well as inform the Magistrates of The Valcoran Empire of her decisions regarding the management of the major cities.


Archons hold one of the highest positions of political power within The Valcoran Empire under the Empress herself.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

In the history of the position, only three Archons have ever been dismissed. Besides that the only way to be removed is through death.
Religious, Clerical
Source of Authority
The Empress of The Valcoran Empire, Verona Elmahdy.
Length of Term
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