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Legend of the singing island

There was once an island of ruthless pirates that would sing on their arrival. The ravaged central Whidyr for two hundred years before finally being apprehended. Or so the authorities say, as none of the pirates had ever been named or their pictures released to the public aside from their captain. But it is after this announcement that they stopped their raids.   The only name that was ever given was the name of their captain Eh;Eh;Oh, a Tsohtsi. This was only known by one eye witness, the only one to have ever escaped a raid. They were still very young when the singing island came to their village, they hid away in a cave while the village was slaughtered. The child was uncovered by the captain, his or her figure towering over them in the doorway. After a moment, the child nearly blinded with terror, the figure spoke "let them know I am Eh;Eh;Oh;" then they closed the doorway and left. The child waited in darkness for hours, waiting even after their songs had left. They emerged to find their village in smoldering ruin, everyone they ever knew a bloody mess littering the streets and homes. They say they're still haunted by the song of the that raid.   They are known as the signing island due to their telltale arrival. Before anyone would have a chance to place wards or defenses, the sound of singing is heard in the sky. They only ever raided small villages with few people capable enough to prove any resistance. Governments did campaign against them, sending out squads to search. But they were too elusive, no one ever able to find any members nor their island they flew around on. They were ruthless and left no witnesses, or no survivors, of the backwater villages they raided. The took everything remotely of value, leaving no stone unturned before they left.


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