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The Dread Pirate & The Coast Cutter

Not a ship in sight while the Dread Pirate makes his rounds in the night..

"...Then they continued forward, harsh in their movements to intercept the vessel. The crashing of the waters concealed their noise right until the moment they crested the wave and slammed into the hull of the Interceptor! They leapt aboard and the next thing the crew knew, there were only a few of them left alive! Those, those were the days, my boy, when the Dread Pirate was the captain of the Coast Cutter.."
- Sir Wilbur Aldred, Mayor of Port Secura

History of the Legend

The legends of the Dread Pirate & The Coast Cutter tell many a tale, from the assault on the Black Heart to the robbing of the King's Jewels. Many a ship like those two has been burned and left in the waters, surrounded by their dead crew after the Dread Pirate struck for the goods in their hold, even if it's as little as ten sheep. No one knows what the Dread Pirate looks like, or even any of his crew, but they know the ship that sails silently until the moment you find yourself staring up at the sword that has pierced your neck, leaving you with glassy eyes.   However, after over fifty years of pirating, the Dread Pirate disappeared. Some think that he has retired, or possibly even died, while others believe that he's still a pirate and still sailing the seas with his crew.   There will always be those few, dehydrated crewmen who claim to see the Coast Cutter sail within spitting distance. Fewer still are the ones truly hallucinating.


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Jul 4, 2018 09:40 by TJ Trewin

A mysterious disappearance indeed....

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