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Lost Logs of Avastra

Accounts of the First Threat Wave

10.8.600 - We took over the resource collection ship from Driver █████████. The data we found was decent, filled with .███s, .███s, and bits of .███s. Those...special ones, Mac and Nort, almost blew up the hull, but we managed to take control of the ship successfully. We're heading to the island now. There's no going back.   10.10.600 - We reached the island, but security is a bit tight. Still, we managed to lower the ship below their scanners. They probably think we wouldn't dare risk getting swallowed up by the ocean. Our Standalone guide is still cooperating with us, and we are closing in on The Fidelity Gate.   10.11.600 - The ship...the crew...everything was destroyed. Whatever that thing was, that ████-like creature, came out of nowhere. I barely escaped with only one thing I found at the gate. I don't know if I should feel victorious for claiming rare treasure or foolish for suffering such an extensive loss. I was able to find a hiding place near the Hertz docking station. It's the only way I can get off this blasted island.   10.12.600 - I made it to Nexus, thank Motherbjorn's mercy! I'm starving and can't wait to plunder a byte. The ride was swift, but getting on in the first place was tricky. I was able to ███ security by ██████ ██ ██████ █████████. Security is truly laughable.   10.13.600 - I don't understand, how did it get here? Did it follow me or was it coincidence? Suddenly there was more than one. So many entities were terminated today. Sector 0 looks like a war zone now, showered in fire and debris, but the destruction is over...at least for now. I thank my survival on whatever weapon I found at the gate, but I can no longer run from the Ministry. They made me an offer I'd be insane enough to refuse.  
— Decrypted excerpts from the Lost Logs of Avastra


Logs of a certain moment of time were supposedly extracted from Avastra's original eye patch. These logs are rumored to reveal the series of events that led to The First War of the Threat Wave and Avastra's legendary involvement with the account.

Cultural Reception

The Ministry of Management disapproves of such tales, thinking the story soils her good name and clean record. However, lower class entities, such as the Singul Ciers enjoy Avastra's underdog story even if it may or may not be true. It is also an interesting historical account considering the physical and psychological implications The First War of the Threat Wave caused when Nexus suffered major casualties for the first time.

Art render of what Avastra may have looked like in her early ultra cycles.  

Avastra's Origins

As a high profile entity having to represent the System's security forces, most assume Avastra's record is squeaky clean since the beginning. Others however, like to talk about a different view of her origin story. Those that believe she wasn't always "good", that she had a bad streak before her rise to prominence, also believe that every entity has the opportunity to reach greatness despite the social order enforced upon all.

Person of Interest

Character | Oct 16, 2018

The most polite security official you'd ever meet


Related Locations

Settlement | Jul 10, 2019

Main metropolis where Ciers go to work and play


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: “Describe the greatest pirate legend in your world. Did it really happen?"

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