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Space sailors

There were a group of excellent sailers in space they where called the space sailors we think they might be living amongst all the people they had these Huts with chicken legs on the bottomon. The legend said that they sailed across the universe to system to system it also said that they regenerate and never die. They also say that they were cruel and showed now mercy they also teleported to all over the world these where found on beaches some were hidden but the last one that was found had some dead body's inside. They looked like they could take lots of bamage. They were believed to be the kings of the space. Lots of them are believed dead they seemed to use these wearied pencils they are believed to have there lair on ghost island.they are supposed to be thousands of years old. Dragons attacked them keeping them away with all there might or that is what the king of dragons says that is two million years old. In there ships were a small round circle that was move adle and could tell the time of bay it was. There was once this sighting that a person was walking on the shore of the islands of abyss. It was reaported at once but the government said he was just imagining something. They have also been at blame for the extinction of the ancient bragons of time. A lot of people know adopt this myth. Lots of people are trying to find out the truth but no one has. They have also been blamed for making the gem dragons really rare. No one has ever found out anything more but this.


They were great sailors of the space and had great fights against good or so believed. They are known as space sailors.

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