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Theft of Tempor's staff

Burney O'Brightgale sailed his ship right into the harbour of Velamare, bracing the barrage of arrows coming his way. With an impressive maneuver he steered the ship right in front of the Palace of Doges, before jumping of onto the shore. Within a matter of minutes, Burney O'Brightgale stole the staff from the vaults of the Palace, slaughtering guards and avoiding traps along the way. The great relic of Velamare was stolen, and Burney O'Brightgale sailed off into the stormy waters, never to be seen again. - Pirates, William O'Whitesail


The legend tells the story of Burney O'Brightgale, a pirate captain. On a stormy day, he steered his ship right into the harbour of Velamare , avoiding arrows and projectiles shot at him by the defenders of the city. He managed to quickly steer his ship in front of the Palace of Doges, disembarked with a few crew members and slaughtered his way into the vaults of the palace. Once inside the vault, he only stole the legendary staff of Tempor, leaving all other valuables behind. He then sailed his ship into the stormy waters and neither him nor the relic was ever heard of again.

Historical Basis

The staff of Tempor was indeed stolen around the time the legend took place. During that time period, pirates where reigning supreme on the seas, sometimes harassing ships right outside their harbours. However, none of the official records state a pirate ship actually managing to sail into the harbour, which was very fortified, and not a single record speaks about Burney O'Brightgale.   While it is not impossible that a pirate stole the staff, it's very doubtful that it happened in such an extravagant way and it was most likely a sneaky breaking instead of a show of flair and power.

In Literature

Many poems and books are written about Burney O'Brightgale, from stories about the event itself to pure fiction about other stuff he supposidly did. Songs are dedicated to him and frequently sung by sailors and pirates, although most of the time sailors from Velamare itself are not allowed to sing about him in a heroic way.

Date of First Recording
Date of Setting

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