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Pirate King Lorenzo Rossi's Siege of Braris

Lorenzo Rossi was a slave turned pirate who even while building up his reputation never once forgot his roots or the place that still haunted his dream. When he finally gained enough power and followers, he set his sights on the Empire he'd been born in and played a major role in bringing the Braris Empire to its knees.


Centuries ago, a boy named Sven was born in the Khia Slums, the poorest part of Carthago Nova the capital of the Braris Empire. Within the first few hours of life, the boy was forced into slavery where he remained until age 9 when he escaped by stowing away on a pirate ship and took the name, Lorenzo. As the decades passed, Lorenzo gained infamy and renown as a pirate, becoming a pirate captain before the age of 30.   While he was gaining this infamy and power, Braris' power began to wane and the neighboring nations of Courson and Granton grew. Despite having been free for years, Lorenzo never once forgot the place he'd been born and the Brarisi nobility who had turned a blind eye to his plight as a child. So, when he saw Braris weakening he began hatching a plan to fully bring the empire to its knees by creating a massive blockade to prevent any good from entering or leaving Braris by sea. In order to do this, he would need a massive amount of ships and somehow convince the other pirate captains to work alongside him but, more importantly trust Lorenzo.   With the help of a number of friendly captains, Lorenzo was able to assemble a force of forty ships. These ships encircled and blocked off the Brarisi ports, setting fire to and destroying all Brarisi ships while leaving all other ships alone. Despite being hideously outmatched, the Brarisi army kept trying to run the blockade, resulting in hundreds if not thousands of deaths and dozens upon dozens of ships destroyed. While this was going on, rulers of Courson and Granton jumped on the opportunity presented to them and launched a land war against the Braris Empire. Facing a two-pronged war, and not being able to get any supplies or resources, the desert empire of Braris fell. With the help of the Greti and Coursian armies, the newly dubbed Pirate King tore down all of the buildings and palaces throughout the fallen empire and executed all adult members of the nobility. Out of the ruins, Lorenzo and his army of pirates build a new port town called Sanctuary that they deem their home.

Historical Basis

The story is a true historical event, though some details have become overblown since it occurred and others have been completely left out. For instance, most accounts never talk about how Lorenzo's wife Jenna and others contacted the various overseas territories Emperor Kiriakos Tapalla Atayde laid claim to, saying they would be left alone if they did not engage in fighting the pirates. Lorenzo also sent word to the rulers of Courson and Granton ahead of the siege to inform them of what was to happen and suggest they could take advantage of the opportunity provided by Lorenzo and his pirates. These accounts also say nothing of how the Greti and Coursian rulers initially resisted Lorenzo's claim over the Brarisi ruins but backed down when he threatened to bring their kingdoms to ruin as well.


This is one of the most famous stories told throughout the world, especially amongst the peasantry as it's about someone who came from nothing and brought an empire to its knees. Sailors also really like this story as it shows how important their roles are and how quickly they could ruin nations if not treated with the right amount of respect.   Pirates, thieves, and other criminals love this story because its filled with violence and it's about one of their own.

Variations & Mutation

Within the first couple of decades of the siege, the number of ships under Lorenzo's command multiple until he was commanding a force of over 100 ships. Lorenzo of course, did nothing to dispel this while he was alive and the numbers have only continued to expand in the centuries since his death.   Alternatively, there are versions that decrease the number of ships Lorenzo commanded to anywhere from 10 ships to just The Second Lady's Fortune.   The exciting adventurous version told to children, often skips or glosses over Lorenzo's childhood with it saying that he was merely mistreated or he grew up in poverty and saying nothing about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Antonio Savas.

Cultural Reception

In Nefsian culture, this story is told to reinforce the value of hard work and if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you.   In Aryite culture, the story is told to reinforce how barbaric things used to be with pirates and slavers running wild without the House of Oweyn to keep order.   Most everywhere else, the story is a great adventure story told to children. The only exceptions are a few places in Courson and Granton as well as the Scorched Wilds where some families still remember how Lorenzo either slaughtered or threatened to slaughter an ancestor of theirs.

In Literature

The Siege of Braris has been told over and over again in books, poems, songs, and even plays all over the world. There are also a number of biographical books about Lorenzo that vary in accuracy though there is one version that covers his life in stark detail that is widely believed to have been written by Lorenzo's wife Jenna.

In Art

There are paintings and tapestries that depict the Braris port ablaze as well as Lorenzo on the prow of The Second Lady's Fortune. There are also a few statues of Lorenzo Rossi with his faithful falcon Sani perched on his shoulder. Since the creation of Sanctuary, a number of painters and other artists have flocked to the city to paint the waterfront and the area surrounding it.
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