The Second Lady's Fortune

The Second Lady's Fortune is the most famous ship throughout the world both because of the famous legends surrounding the captains who manned her and because the ship is still one of the fastest ships on the sea.   The original Lady's Fortune was wrecked on the Ingerlin Coastline in a bad storm that only Lorenzo Rossi and three other members of the crew survived. Once he earned enough coin, Lorenzo had a second ship made in the image of the original Lady's Fortune but with a few upgrades that made the ship faster and gave the ship bigger teeth. The Second Lady's Fortune was the ship he used to pillage and plunder ships along the The Farthest Expanse and was the ship he rode on when he created the blockade that helped destroy Braris.   This ship has gone through multiple repairs and upgrades and has survived countless storms and battles and has stayed within the Rossi family for generations. Occasionally, a pirate, who believes, they have what it takes to be called Pirate King, will attempt to take it by force but they rarely succeed and if they do they soon find the Lady's favor is hard won as most experience some kind of disaster shortly after taking the ship.


A fully square-rigged foremast, a mainsail with a topsail and a gaff sail, and double lateen-rigged mizzenmasts. There are also 42 oars for maneuvering the ship in calm winds.

Weapons & Armament

There are 8 12-pounder long guns divided between the stern and prow of the ship. On the two decks below the deck, there are 36 short 32-pounder cannonades. On the bow of the ship, below the bowsprit, the ship is covered in a thin layer of metal that can be used to ram other ships.

Communication Tools & Systems

Signal flags and falcons are used to communicate with other ships.


A pirate in each of the two crow's nests with a long spyglass and two flags they could use to signal other ships.

Hangars & docked vessels

There are four small boats attached on the sides of the ship by rope and pulley systems, two on each side.
The Lady
No one can out run The Lady once she sets her eyes on them.
Owning Organization
Thousands of gold
21 feet
80 feet
Foremast: 113 ft Mainmast: 118 ft
150 ton when cargo hold is full
15 knots if the wind is with the ship
Complement / Crew
100 people
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
60 tons of cargo
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