Treasure of Syrathsi

Syrathsi the Throatslicer was one of the most succesful warlords in the known history, that ruled over a massive fleet of warships crewed by most bloodlusted beastmen one could found on Lana.   She led her host through the Western Strait, only to spend four whole years decimating isles and coasts of Native Sea. There was not a single place that was spared from her onslaught - even the most powerful states on Native Sea trembled before her.   She was even one of the few mortal brave enough to attack Isle of Crematorium, succesfully pilaging city under protection of Ancient Dragon and his progenty.   During all of this she amassed great wealth. Most of it was used to supply her forces, not to mention simply hiring new sailor and pirates. But there is also another legend connected to Syrathsi and her treasures... did she left a part of it somewhere on the Native Sea?


According to the myth, Syrathsi decided to hide a significant part of her treasures somewhere on the Native Sea. If the myth is to be trusted, she did it mostly for laughs, wondering about how hard it would be for those to come after her to find her fabulous wealth.   She used all the powers she had at her disposal to hid her treasures. Both supernatural and mundane. The treasures is supposedly guarded so well, that those that attempted to find it and come to close died without a fail.

Historical Basis

The existence of Syrathsi and the relentless pillaging of Native Sea by a vast host of pirates under her command is without a doubt truth. There is also no doubt that she ultimately left the region by storming through the Iron Channel, departing for the far away Bharata Kanda in a search for a good brawl.   There is however no consensus regarding whether or not Syrathsi left a notable part of her treasure somewhere in Native Sea. She was certainly impulsive and crazy enough to left it simply for other people to crack their head while trying to search for it.


It is a pretty well known tale upon the Native Sea coasts, and from time to time somebody claims to find a lead regarding the location of the hidden stash. It always turns out to be fake, though.

Date of Setting
Circa 783 PIE


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