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Material Characteristics

In its common commonly found form, it is a fine grey powder with a brown tint.

In the raw fruit form it looks like a small red berry which has small grey seeds inside of it.

Physical & Chemical Properties

It removes all flavour from food when it's at least one hundredths of the total mass of food. It is important to note that it is not numbing the feeling, which makes the consistency and feeling of food items stand out.

Geology & Geography

The no-spice tree grows in south-eastern Auwan.

Origin & Source

The spice is made from berries of the creatively named no-spice tree, which are dried and ground down to a powder.

History & Usage


Over the years some people started experimenting in order to maximise the berries effect. One of the first methods was to dry the fruit, which worked nicely, but when they tried to separate the seeds from the rest of the berry, neither had any effect. This led to people trying different proportions of the two materials, only to find that the one already found in the berries was pretty much perfect.


The berries of the No-Spce tree has long been chewed in order to remove bad tastes in the mouth, no matter the source, be it infection or rotten fruit.

Everyday use

In the south-west of Auwan the spice is extensively used in food, which has put the emphasis on the consistency of the different foods.

Cultural Significance and Usage

When foreigners visit, the available food is often seen as extremely bland and boring.


Trade & Market

Small amounts are transported north as a novelty. A major hub is Obesk.


The powder needs to be stored in a dry place, away from the sun.
None, but it irritates the nose like pepper.
None, but that is the point
grey with a brown tint.
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