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The Gold Claw Bandits

The gold Claw Bandits are the longest running bandit gang in recent history. They have terrorized merchant caravans throughout the country of Rasselfall Kingdom since it's subjugation to the Imperium. Their steak of crime has dominated the local gossip and have become infamous due to being so illusive.   They are considered dangerous by the Imperium and their threat level is currently at a nuisance level. We recommend that you to stay away from them or any one affiliated with them. They are not above murder and negotiations usually result in combat.


From Imperium approximations, their size has grown to about hundred individuals with five main leaders. Their gear is slightly above the grade above what would typically have in their possession.


The Gold Claw Bandits were formally a mercenary group of about ten individuals before Rasselfall's defeat. The Imperium hired them and many other groups to disrupt trade and villages to bring down their economy to bring a swift surrender. The Claws accepted and little did the Imperium of themselves know, but they went down a path of villainy they would never leave.   As the war continued, so did their influence and resources. By the time the war ended they had mastered the art of raiding the region and had grown double their size. When the Imperium tried to bring them back under control, they refused and like many others continued the raids.   While many other groups have been wiped out by the Imperium. the Gold Claw Bandits have still avoided certain destruction. With hundreds of members all across the moor, they are nearly impossible to remove from the plains now.
Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
The Claws

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