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Bone Raiders

A ragtag group of Fairen, that the Suwefe twins have collected that periodically raid the Feirie colonies to steal the mummies. The deserts in which the Fairen live have no natural sources of metal ore, so the Bone Raider (a term from the humans of the Outposts) arose as a clan of thieves that steal into the Feirie dens and take the mummified corpses of their dead. They then trade or smelt the bones for their slag.  

The Twins

Sery and Fosyli Suwefe are Fairen twins, often called the "Succubi Sisters" by the humans, that founded the organization. They have the reputation for being unpredictable, impetuous, and demanding mistresses that will torture, or execute, their own members at the slightest provocation. Despite this, their incredible persuasiveness and beauty attracts many Fairen, and even humans, to their 'cause', usually for a hope of being one of their 'princes', who function as both captains of the raiding parties and as consorts to the twins.


Two matriarchs lead the band. Sery and Fosyli, a pair of twins that formed the group. They have between 18 and 24 'princes' at any time, who each control a band of 3-8 raiders. In total, there are about 130 raiders, although this number flucuates wildly.

Public Agenda

As the Suwefe twins are likely insane, there is likely no reasonable goal in their heads. They seem to want as much of the Feirie metal as they can get their hands on, and are willing to use anything and everything in their power to do it.


Created in 4/152/3107, the group originally had five members and was a marauding band that harrased human outposts. After two died in a failed attempt at robbing a trading post, the Sisters and their one last compatriot turned their focus on their Feirie cousins, and started recruiting more Fairen, and later humans, with the goal of seizing as much metal as they could.
Guild, Thieves

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