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Bone Slag

The remnants of the cremated Fei or Drakynfly, bone slag is refined into a metallic alloy, and used to create tools, weapons, and crude machines.


Material Characteristics

A strangely warm substance, bone slag is crystalline and metallic.

Physical & Chemical Properties

A high content of iron, copper, zinc, cadmium, and lead. The resulting alloy is neither particularly strong not weak.

Origin & Source

The Fei dead are cremated, all in one massive pyre, which turns the bones of the corpses into a slag, a conglomerate of all the metals in the skeleton, which are gathered together and smelted into ingots.

Life & Expiration

Resisted to rust and corrosion, this metal is very durable, but the constant humidity of the Mala's jungles eventually wear down on the metal. In its base state, it is crumbly, and gets a green patina like copper if not quickly processed.

History & Usage


The practice of making and using bone slag is centuries old, and the precise origins are lost.

Everyday use

As it is the only source of metal for the Fei, almost all bone slag ingots are used to made knives, needles, clothing attachments, hair pins, jewelry, and other semi-permanent objects. Arrowheads, and other such disposable goods, are almost never made from bone metal, as it is too easy too lose.

Reusability & Recycling

Any broken tools, are reforged into new ones. Any unwanted jewelry is redesigned. No waste at all.
As the only source of bone slag is from dead members of society, it is considered precious, and any that one has is to be guarded and reused as much as possible.
Although the rate of aquistition is rare, the material is handed down through generations, and quite a bit is in use, although it is still uncommon enough to warrant care with its use.
Dark brassy-grey, often streaked with bands of red, black, silver, and gold from inperfections during smelting.

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