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The Okanese Resistance

There is no underground organisation that can even compare to the scale of the Okanese resistance, spanning more than an entire country this network of civilian protesters and escapees is of unparalleled scale. The Empire of Okan is the single largest controlled territory in the whole of Castordia, the ruling elite speak high Okanese a language with little similarity to any other tongue. The ruling class has created what is a shadow of a democracy, and only those who speak their tongue may govern. The lower class is subject to the whims of those above, and consequently have been organising efforts of escape and rebellion since before the empire even came to be. Unfortunately the Okanese border is perhaps as brutal as it's government, mountains, the black lake, pirates, necromancers, not to mention the unsympathetic neighbouring countries. Passage along the border of the black lake is perhaps the most successful of all negotiations and actions the icebreaker rebellion has achieved.


A disparate underground network or informants, spies, translators, and more. A true leader for the icebreakers would be sorely appreciated if they ever arose. Most functions are managed locally, on a small scale, however close to the capital and in the area were Okan borders the Black lake, the resistance is more concentrated and thus more organised.

Public Agenda

To free the people of Okan from it's tyrannic ruling class, and to let people live by their own means. In the shorter term, evacuation attempts and acts of rebellion are the primary objectives.


The most valuable assets of the resistance are translators, those with the ability to translate from the high tongue are most praised. They can read the law and hear the orders given. Without the translators there would be no hope. Otherwise, the sheer scale of the resistance is of immense value, if every member were imprisoned there would be no country.

Under Ice, None are Free

Illicit, Rebel
Alternative Names
The People, The Resistance, Icebreakers
Training Level
Okanese, Icebreaker

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