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The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood are an organization that work in the shadows manipulating events to their own agenda. And that agenda has one aim; ultimate power. The Brotherhood have brought down kingdoms, raised commoners to the nobility and thrown nobles down with the swine, and all in the name of progress to their goal of rule over both the Northern Coalition and the Holy Empire. They move slowly their schemes masquerading as petty crimes, scams and minor political manouvreing. But this all adds up, petty crimes become a crime wave. Then a judge or local Lord will arrive and imposing their power the crime wave is over, the previous rulers discredited and a new one arises. Or the peasants revolt demanding freedoms and seem to be close to achieving some of these freedoms when the local Lord finds it within him to enforce his will at the prompting of an advisor but in another the Lord is ousted from power and a republic is declared or a merchant council convenes. The Brotherhood's hand is there pulling the strings, rabble raising and eliminating threats to their rise to power wherever they find them.   Structure The Brotherhood is ruled by a council of 3 men who each have a separate role within the organisation. The Brother Martial controls all troops, thugs, rogues and assassins that provide support and carry out punishments on behalf of the three. The Brother of Commerce influences the mercantile world through Worshipful Companies and Guilds. And finally the Brother in the Shadows who sends the lone operatives into the world to influence events, the mesmerists, sorcerers, enchanters and manipulators who forward the agenda of the Brotherhood.   In the world of Aerd these are the power behind the throne or those who bring down a noble house in ruin and infamy. For good or ill they move in the shadows.

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