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The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood of the True Pendulum, colloquially known as simply the Brotherhood, is a fast-and-loose organisation of thieves, assassins and assorted combat-ready rebels.   There are no clearly defined requirements for becoming a member of the Brotherhood, only that you are really, really good at what you do.   The Brotherhood identifies itself as the opposition to oppressive tyrannies. Whenever an area is suffering from an oppressive upper class, the Brotherhood mysteriously begins to appear in the area. From that moment onward, peculiar things start to happen, like large amounts of gold mysteriously disappearing from the nobility's treasury and a sudden increase in the amount of materials owned by the lower classes.   In extreme cases, members of the nobility may go missing. If they do come back, they seem to have a completely different outlook on their position in life and they will have suddenly become more generous and understanding toward the clades of people below them.   All members of the Brotherhood have in common that they have a distaste for nobility, especially for upper class individuals who are callous and merciless to those within their influence.   The Brotherhood of the True Pendulum is in an intense rivalry with another noteworthy organisation, which is the Knight's Order of the Griphon. This is because the Order of the Griphon seeks to manifest hierarchical order and the Brotherhood seeks to manifest individualist liberty. Some argue that one would not exist without the other.


The Brotherhood is an organisation of peers. There is no clear leader, decisions within the Brotherhood are made democratically by whoever is present in the general area at the time. At the same time, they make sure that there are as few rules as possible so as to not inhibit the liberties of the members.

Public Agenda

The Brotherhood has a front of being a guild of treasure hunters. Official-looking representatives, treasure hunting liaisons and standard forms are used to distract onlookers from what really goes on behind the scenes.

May the winds help you outrun the devil.

Illicit, Rebel
Alternative Names
The Brotherhood

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