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One of the most powerful and feared underground organizations on the continent is the criminal syndicate known only as Ouroboros. The group is thought to have its hand in most every illegal operation from Saltshore to Augustine. Concrete information on the group is hard to find, considering most sources turn up dead before too long, though it is know that the organization is part of the larger, continent spanning syndicate called the Black Trinity. Contrary to its partner groups, Ouroboros is the only one with a stated code of ethics among its members and those who operate in its territory. The one activity that the leading powers have declared as completely banned is slavery, going so far as to attack nobles who propose legalizing it.


Ouroboros runs itself like a rigidly tiered guild. Initiates who can prove themselves worthy are given a gold coin marked with the orginizations titular insignia, a snake eating its tail, forming their first 'coil'. Advancement up the ranks are granted with the addition of coils, usually in the form of coins or medallions. Currently, the highest rank known outside the syndicate is six coils, though to be held only by the highest members, though some of the groups actions can be seen as the will of an individual above even these.

Public Agenda

Like most criminal organizations, on its front, Ouroboros is driven by the pursuit of profit. However, certain actions that are ordered by the highest levels of the syndicates organization occasionally seem to run contrary to this simple goal, belying a hidden and possibly darker agenda.


Ouroboros officially operates mostly within the territories of what used to be the Empire of Thrain, stretching from Westen to Conradinia. Unofficially, it is rumored to operate across the continent, even in territories claimed by other members of the Trinity.
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Snake
Notable Members

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