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The Zodiac

After many years in secrecy that saw several heads of the Zodiac cut down, they have come into the public eye and revealed their goal of gathering all manner of ancient artifacts and relics to bring together all the secrets of the world and lay them bare for all to see. In a scant two years, they have amassed vast amounts of history and their public image as a bastion of knowledge has exploded. While most see the creed of the Zodiac as a desire for freedom of mortal oppression and tyranny, in back alleys and to those with history in the organization, some know the truth. The Zodiac seeks knowledge current and ancient in a desperate play to rid themselves of the oppressive thumb of the gods. After the release of Ouranos by the hands of the Furies' Fire, the Zodiac celebrated the change of events and quickly went public to start the next phase of their plan.


There are thirteen ruling scholars that all work together to find and decipher ancient knowledge. All of these are leaders in their respective field of study.

Public Agenda

This organization only recently revealed themselves to the public. They recruit young adventurers to fill their ranks as explorers and treasure hunters to save relics of the past.


The Zodiac has set up operations out of the prestigious bard school Aoidos within Patras. This school has purchased up much of the city blocks around it for expansion and many buildings have been turned into temporary libraries and museums while larger structures are being built. The group boasts a large number of adventurers in their ranks that constantly brings in resources and further knowledge. No one is quite sure where they are getting the funds to pay for the fast expansion efforts, but debts stay paid and expansions keep pushing forward.

From Knowledge, Power. From Power, Freedom.

Educational, Society

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