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_____Brotherhood of Bone (Unfinished)

like a clan unto themselves, They deal with various industries   Mercenary work - they'll fight without loyalty or qualm. even old ties mean nothing to them; sometimes the inter Tribe cease fire will not even be evoked. one should always be cautious with strangers, lest those wandering the path end up impossibly violent Assassination - contracted out to the highest bidder Drugs - frowned upon at best, banishment worthy at worst Weapon Relic Collection - The brotherhood of bone must the the most powerful clan of all time, and they will subjugate the rest by force of cursed arms if need be.   outcasts, a home for the clanless     Motives A family for those exiled survival in spite Gathering dangerous relics   Formed by a powerful clanless who gathered followers with a promise of protection and kinship Bug Type Clanless Spirit Dancer. He is also well mannered Foul blooded kwan. He rules with fear at first, until new recruits feel the bond of the brotherhood that they have longed for for so long   Motto: Flesh will rot and blood will fade, but bones remain forever   Headquarters: It could be a faulty vault, or a cave in the mountains. or an ancient bank   How are the contracted: a missive sent to Amian city for a meeting. messenger from Amian city goes to Headquarters to alert a listener. listener goes to the meeting site identified by a skull rattle hanging from a tree. this is followed by negotiations. once the deal is struck the job is conducted quickly and efficiently.   Calling Card: a carved bone with the words "WE REMAIN"   Rivals: The Brotherhood of bone is in an arms race with another organisation that gathers knowledge of all forms for their protection against the wrong hands (Like bad-ass librarian knights). they are at war with one another.
Illicit, Gang

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