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The Dreamweavers

Patient claimed he had terrible nightmares. After finding no external cause, I decided to take him into my care as a way of monitoring him. Nightmares got worse, I started to suspect the so called "dreamweavers" could be behind this. When I asked him about it, he said he didn't remember anything from the few weeks leading up to the first nightmare. A day later, he died. I've heard mentions of the dreamweavers before, an organisation of those supposedly able to control dreams, but until now they were considered a myth, something to make children afraid. Further investigation will be required, perhaps the mages know more. - Dr. Shi's notes, a week before he died

Public Agenda

The dreamweavers are capable to influence people's dreams and nightmares, how they do this is a mystery. Not much is known about them, but nearly everyone fears them. Merchants, nobility and other people in power have reported horrible nightmares, often leading to death or to amnesia. Sometimes large sums of money are paid to unknown sources, leading to the nightmares disappearing. Many suspect that the dreamweavers target those in power in an attempt to make them do their bidding. Their exact goals are unknown, as those leaving the organisation don't remember much and often die within a week.


Many suspect the dreamweavers have considerable wealth, resources gained from promising to make nightmares go away. No one knows where they operate from, or what their numbers are. Those attempting to research the organisation never live long or go insane before they are able to report any information.


The first mentions of the dreamweavers are from about 20 years after the Arrival, so some theories suspect them originating from Velamare. However, in the city of Velamare no mentions of dreamweavers or anything similar have ever been made. Some use this information to conclude that it must be an effort from La Republicca to undermine Meiteikoku, others consider it a coincidence. Mentions of Fukuza have also been made, with a few believing the mysterious city that still worships the ancient gods might have something to do with it.   Sometimes decades go by without a mention of them, while other times they strike almost daily. Theories even claim that they might not be one organisation after all, but a series of different ones operating under the same name. Whatever they are, they have been active for over 500 years and all mentions of them have been in the empire itself, Meiteikoku.
Secret, Occult

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