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Armada is an old pirate crew which consists of all females from a variety of backgrounds, species, ethnicities, and views. The pirate organization was founded by the legendary Olia, an orphaned girl who used what little power her old crewmates had to fight and eliminate greedy + violent rival pirates. Through the years Armada gradually gained popularity and crewmembers, giving them more influence and supplies over the seas. Olia made it her life's mission to teach girls how to fend for themselves as well as get rid of dangerous elements of the seas, like government officials who controlled ports and smaller ships to make a profit for themselves.  


There was a point in time where one of the bigger ships of Armada got snagged on a low piece of coral and damaged the ship in such a way that, even with the immediate help of the crew and fellow-ships, it would need to dock soon. At the time of this incident, all of Armada was near the southern coastal region of Meta, a place that remained largely uninhabited largely because at one end there were several tiny islands clustered together, which made it had to sail around the area. However, Olia was somewhere in her forties and had faith in the abilities of her lesser ship captains, so they collectively agreed that the coasts would be perfect for a short rest.   When the ships docked along the rocky coasts and made their way toward the land some members immediately fell in love with the scenery and landscapes, and many entertained the idea to make the area their official headquarters. So members with more experience in architecture and agriculture stated behind to begin a settlement while less full ships sailed back to place where excess members stayed to bring them to the new headquarters. This would be the ever slow and humble start to the now major trading port known as The Ouv Isles.

Make the Dangerous Fear the Brave

Illicit, Pirate Crew
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