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The Tengu Clan

A long time ago, The Tengu clan never existed. Before the group was formed, they were a part of The Yatagarasu clan.   A man named Jiraiya was sent on a mission to investigate an unknown cultist group that was near the clan's village. He slaughtered everyone that was involved and started to read into what they were doing. The group was studying demons and learning how to summon and make contracts with them. Instead of destroying their work, Jiraiya took it with him and presented to the clan leader.   He explained to the leader everything he found and how it could benefit the clan. The leader told Jiraiya to burn the research he found. He told him that they shouldn't be messing with forces they don't understand. He gritted his teeth and nodded. When he left the leader, he smiled and continued studying research.   About a month leader, Jiraiya gathered his men and started to perform a ritual. He was summoning a demon into his daughter. When he finished the ritual, the daughter went on a rampage. It took over ten people to subdue her. The leader was infuriated that Jiraiya continued his work. He was even angrier at the damaged he caused to the village and people. As punishment, he banished him and anyone that was involved in the ritual.   He laughed at the leader and yelled out to everyone in the clan. He told them that he could offer them great power if you followed him. Then he walked out. Surprisingly, a few people followed him. He smiled and declared The Tengu Clan has officially be formed, and that no one will stop their work.

Public Agenda

The Tengu Clan's objective is to cause chaos in Gaia. Once this is achieved, the clan will take over and wipe out any remaining troops from the other kingdoms.


The clan has slightly less equipment and troops as The Yatagarasu clan. They make up for this with the demons they have made contracts with. They also started recruiting the common folk into their ranks.


The Tengu Clan formed after Jiraiya and his men were banished from The Yatagarasu Clan. Before he left, he convinced some of the other members to come with him. They made a base hidden in the mountains, where they continue their research and experiments.

Technological Level

They share the same the same technology as The Tengu Clan. However, they've perfected demonic summoning and binding.
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Economic System
They do not have an official currency. Everyone in the clan is family, everyone gets what they need to survive. If someone wants more of something, they would have to work for it.

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