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The Stormlords

Too volatile. Too dangerous. Too unpredictable. Too passionate. The list could go on for hours, but to sum it all up. The Stormlords were simply just too much for the Church of Bachleda to handle. They are comprised of the outcasts that could never fit in with the Church's "humble" society, and have all vowed to make their mark on the world. In their eyes, following your desires is the only true path to enlightenment. If one were given the urge to take something, take it. Does the urge to punch someone start to overcome you? Punch someone. And above all, remember. It is the order of law that holds us back from progressing, it is what keeps one submissive, so when given the opportunity one must destroy the shackles of law.


The Stormlord, Lightning Bearers, Thunderbringers, Sparklings

Public Agenda

Free the populace from the oppression of law.


In a Bachledan Jail sell, full of those deemed too far gone for redemption, sat a group of people preparing for their final days. Filled with bitterness and a sense of betrayal, the group tried to swallow their emotions to return to their makers. However, for one them it was too much. Lorenz Agatá, a former paladin of Zyta rose up to scream at their heavens. He went on about how unjust it was to be cast aside for simply having feelings. And luckily for him, someone was listening to his pleas, a lighting bolt seared through the sky and crashed into the fallen paladin, sundering the walls on its way. Lorenz's eyes turned an icy blue, and electricity crackled around him, his former god may have abandoned him now, but it appeared a new one was calling. Lorenz managed to rally those with broken spirits around him, and thus The Stormlords were born

Break the shackles of law that bind you!

Religious, Sect
Alternative Names
The Grey Cloaks, Wrath Bringers

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