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Murder of Crows

And we'll do it again

Don't speak of the crows,
for they don't exist,
but if the shadow grows,
will you be missed?   -Graffiti found splashed across Saints recently
  A Murder of Crows is a terrorist group operating mostly in Ilyrium, but also in the entire United Britannia and Hibernia. Founded by Kasper Gray, the Crows have always been steeped in Dark Magic. Full of some of the richest and most talented witches in UBH, the membership of the Crows is a secret.   Whether simply causing mischief, embarking on murderous and brutal rampages, or conducting gruesome experiments reminiscent of their founder, the Crows are feared by even the most powerful of witches, and every witch hopes a Crow does not set their eyes on him or her.


The organization is a democratic one; all members have an equal vote. However, there is a leader (the Crowed Head) who is an elected official in charge of delegating tasks. (Ultimately, the Crows believe that the Crowed Head is only the "first amongst equals.") All members share in tasks equally, and no one is considered more important than anyone else. When there is a decision to be made, the Crowed Head calls for a vote and majority rules.

Public Agenda

A Murder of Crow's public agenda is, at times, a mystery to those that live in United Britannia and Hibernia. Sometimes, it seems as though their agenda is to simply cause mischief; at other times, their agenda seems much darker: when the murders of families begin again, their desire seems to simply be power.   But for most witches of United Britannia and Hibernia, the Crows represent something darker: they represent a goal Kasper Gray set in motion almost two centuries ago, and his motives have always been unclear, yet undoubtedly heinous. Many suspect the Crows are carrying on their founder's work. Their Dark Magic use is obvious, but what they are doing with that Dark Magic is not.   Internally, the Crows' agenda does vary, depending on their whims and needs. No crime is beneath the Crows to get what they want, whether that be money or power (governmentally or magically). The Crows take utter delight in troubling Ilyrium and many suspect they wish to unseat the Council permanently.   The Crows often go on sprees: that is to say, their crime is grouped into blocks of high activity followed by times of low (or no) activity. The length of blocks varies from days to years, and when the Crows are at their worst, their rampages tear apart families and force people into hiding.

It was only twenty years ago when the Crows first rampaged when I was an adult. I was only nineteen, and a newly made Vigile. The Ridges, a wealthy witch family several centuries old, had not been sighted for many days. I traveled to their estate, and what I found is enough to make my stomach turn even now. The entire generation of Ridges, some twenty-something of them, lay slain in their estate. The immense amount of blood surprised me the most, followed by the stench. The Crows had not left any alive, even children, and all that they had left was their infamous crow mark splashed across the family portrait that hung above the fireplace. Why were the Ridges murdered? Perhaps they had assets the Crows wanted or the Crows felt as though they had been wronged by them. But the scariest explanation to me? They did it simply because they could.   --Memoir of a former Vigile, 1990


Since most members of the organization are wealthy, their coffers are quite full. In addition, the organization recruits the most talented of witches, so their power is immense. The extent of their other assets is unknown.


A Murder of Crows was founded by the infamous Kasper Gray in 1821. Since Kasper was so interested in the Dark Magic, the Crows have always had a tradition of Dark Magic.

And we've done it before

Illicit, Terrorist group
Alternative Names
The Crows
Leader Title
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Show spoiler
The Crows aren't trying to overthrow the Council at all; they are government sanctioned. (As such, some of the information may change as the characters learn new information.)

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Character flag image: the early bird becomes worms by deeerdraws


Author's Notes

Cover image used with permission by the amazing deeerdraws found [here]


Written for Summer Camp 2018's prompt: Which criminal organization in your world is the most notorious, and why?

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