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The Crew of the Blood Tear Fleet

"Welcome to the crew mates. I'm your captain, Tunnak Ibaidhan. You've probably heard of me. Now, I know what you're all thinking. Is this really the, Tunnak Ibaidhan? The Scourge of the Seas, The Slayer of Magic itself? Well, your answer is yes. I am. And if you don't all do as I say on this voyage, then you'll get to experience my reputation firsthand."-Tunnak Ibaidhan, Captain of the Blood Tear.   The Blood Tear Fleet started out as nothing more than a teenage boy, washed up in the ocean. Tunnak Ibaidhan was born an Idealman, someone who's parents had committed a great sin or great holy deed. In Tunnak's case, it was the latter. Though he knows not what they did, he curses the day they did it everyday of his life. For Tunnak was taken by the Magi, the ruling caste of the Magus Empire, where he was born. For years, he was experimented on, poked and prodded and tortured by faceless men in masks. Eventually, they threw him in the ocean when they decided he was of no use. But Tunnak survived, and eventually he was picked up by a great pirate named Azisstiss. Azisstiss showed Tunnak the way of the pirate, and Tunnak took to it quickly. He was fueled purely by his own hatred, and slowly he began to work his way up the crew. Eventually, one night, he mutinied against Azisstiss, throwing him off the ship and taking it over. Tunnak renamed the ship, "The Blood Tear", and immediately put all of its resources into raiding Magus ships. He pulled off daring raids on ships, taking their magical artifacts and stealing their gold, as well as killing everything he was able to. Eventually, Tunnak took two new ships and started to build an army of rebels, all devoted to one purpose. Throwing off the yoke of the Magus Empire and slaughtering every Magus they could find. With the aid of their cannons, which Tunnak stole from the depths of a Magus Fortress, the Blood Tear has become a serious threat to all in the Hero's Sea and the people within it.


As a pirate crew, all in the crew follow the Captain. The Captain gives his orders to the lieutenants of his three ships who give orders to the rest of their crew.

Public Agenda

To destroy the Magus Empire of the South and to kill all the Magi that once hurt their families.


A fleet of 3 ships with about 100 men each on them, all armed to the teeth with a variety of weapons. They also have many battle clericists for magical support, and many experimental cannons that aren't used by any other fighting force on the planet.

Kill all Magi.

Illicit, Terrorist group
Alternative Names
The AMO/Anti Magus Organization

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