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The Kthusian Scourge

The most notorious criminal organization on the continent of Chanirith, the Kthusian Scourge are a fleet of pirate ships that fly under the same banner representing the Deep One and they deal that they made with him. Their goals are to further the needs and wants of their dark sea lord, working to capture their victims alive, collect their treasure, and taking them to their safe haven to be sacrificed through drowning.


The Great Deep One (who they claim is leading them)

Public Agenda

To serve the Great Deep One, and eventually awaken him. He will be the great equalizer cleansing the world of the corruption that has felt safe within their stone castles. He will bring the great flood and cover the world in water once again, and only allowing his chosen to live in his kingdom eternal. However, it is unknown when he will bring about this great flood, so until then they work by discovering the secrets of governments and people with power and uncovering knowledge better left forgotten and using it for their own nefarious ends.


Several ships, stolen trade goods, numerous warlocks given power by the Deep One, a secret safe haven. The safe haven is hidden within a dangerous set of bladed rocks and pillars making it hard to reach. It has been found before, but due to the bladed rocks and tight passages all large scale assaults have failed in removing them from their haven. There have been whispers that all of the assaults have been sabotaged by people on the inside that had been blackmailed by the Pirate Cult itself, but these claims have all been officially denounced.


This cult is said to have been started by the lone survivor of a battle at sea. He sunk into the depths and blacked out. As his body was slowly drowning he was visited by the Great Deep One who saved him in return for his eternal service. From then on he worked to further his great lords purpose.

All Are Equal Beneath the Sea

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Cult of The Deep One,
Training Level

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