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The Kingdom Come


Blooded Nobility


3 very rich gold mines, 2 iron mines, 1 adamantine mine, broad farmlands dedicated to rare and exotic herbs used in producing poisons, drugs, and other alchemical pursuits, and several academies to train assasins and fighters to enforce the syndicate's will.


When Prince Thurin was displaced by his regent uncle in the Kindom of Territh, a small faction of the court that was loyal to him fled the capitol to the Temple city of Valrune along with Thurin and petitioned the Theocracy for support to his legitimate claim to the throne of Territh. But the High-priest of Chloth judged against Thurin, recieving visions and warnings of a growing darkness within his court. With the Temple City's verdict Thurin turned to the other three kingdoms of the Alliance, only to likewise be turned away, but at each additional stop a few dissatisfied nobles joined Thurin's entourage with their troops and resources. Eventually the roaming force was met with a unified coalition lead by the Priests of the Temple City and were politely asked to disband or leave the Alliance's territory. Thurin agree to lead his company out, but swore to become an eternal thorn in their side for their betrayal.
As it turned out, however, the High Priest had been right as Thurin had long had a small coven of Erinyes advising and teaching him well before he was usurped by his uncle. But that was not discovered for at least a couple of centuries. At that time the current High Priest of Chloth read about the accounting of the confrontation and felt that the church had made a misstep. Thurin was a direct descendant of their god after all, if nothing else he could have been used to establish a fifth kingdom for the Alliance. So he sent an embassy to try to discover the fate of the group and Thurin's bloodline. Upon discovering the group's last know whereabouts the Valune Embassy discovered The Kingdom Come, lead by Thurin's descendants. Of the 200 sent, 1 returned sane. The reports that they delivered curdled tongues throughout the leadership of the Alliance. Thurin had refused to call his new territory a kingdom, holding that he was the legitimate ruler of Territh, and his line continues that tradition. But by all practical measures it is a nation in its own right. His capitol Hopefel hold a dark mockery of a court of nobles governs the territory under the ruler-ship of the current heir of Thurin.
The Kingdom's activities range from the standard and mundane black market and slave trading to hiring out assassins and selling some of the most potent and torturous poisons in the underworld, train and hire out questioners for tyrants across the globe. But their biggest jobs involve the active plundering and desecration of temples throughout Aurus, they collect the wealth of these temples of course, but the real targets are the holy symbols and ritual relics of the clergy and patron deities. Using profane infernal rituals these relics are converted into dark inversions that corrupt and damn the priests and clerics wielding them over time. These fouled corruptions are then carefully released back into circulation of the priesthoods they were initially taken from. And always, ALWAYS they seek to undermine and overturn the stability and works of the Chlothic Alliance.
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Dark Court, The Black Kingdom

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